Watch John Oliver Totally Dismantle the Shameless Pimps Who Run My Industry

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" -HBO (image via YouTube)

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” -HBO (image via YouTube)

Usually my Monday/Tuesday newsfeed is chock-full of sycophantic media outlets kissing John Oliver‘s ass as he “Totally Dismantles Blah…”. And they’re right to do so, because Oliver and the writers at “Last Week Tonight” do an outstanding job of shining a light on serious issues that are typically brushed under the rug.

But when he took on the media outlets themselves, specifically the unrepentant whoring of content for ad revenue, those media outlets were noticeably silent—except for the folks at AdAge, who think it’s pretty funny…

No doubt, media outlets need to raise money to survive. Along the same lines, so do museums at historical sites—but we’re all in agreement that the 9/11 Commemorative Cheese Plate isn’t the way to do it.

Asking for sanctity is, by definition, sanctimonious—but it would be nice to see greater professional integrity when it comes to the job of delivering information to the masses, because right now we’re all eating off the cheese plate.