Gameplan: Where to Watch the NFL in Hoboken

Photo Credit: David Stluka - Getty

I will make it my goal to use this photo as often as possible, because it’s glorious…
Photo Credit: David Stluka – Getty

It seems like only yesterday, we were freezing our footballs off on Hoboken’s Pier A next to the XLVIII numerals, barking “Omaha” and toasting Peyton Manning’s inevitable victory in the Meadowlands.

Well a lot has happened since then, and in what has been by and large a sh!tty news cycle as of late, FOOTBALL—that great opiate of the masses—finally makes its return tonight at 8:30 (Eastern), with the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks hosting the Green Bay Packers.

While Hoboken sits in the shadow of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, the football scene here is a little more complicated than “Jets or Giants.” It’s no secret that Hoboken is a transient town, filled in large part by citizens who left the hometown and migrated to the fertile flood plain of the Hudson River. I mean, what’s not to love? The lure of Northern New Jersey is just too enticing—particularly as it is portrayed and perceived across this great land, renowned for its cleanliness, its exceptional drivers, and its sterling and scrupulous political leadership.

Hoboken is not so much a melting pot, but rather a crock pot… a crock pot full of chili or chicken corn chowder, where multiple ingredients are thrown together, left to simmer steadily… and in the end, it goes really well with watching football.

If you take a walk around Hoboken on a Sunday, you’ll see every jersey imaginable, as fans from everywhere make their way out to the bars to watch their teams. And despite being a Steve Weatherford punt away from MetLife Stadium, you will find other teams proudly represented 15 minutes away from the home of the so-called “New York” teams.

Our good friends at have taken the time to compile the HBN 2014 Football Bar Guide—a comprehensive list of who has what where and for whom—complete with stats like venue info, TV roster, viewing packages, team affiliations and game-day bar specials.

Enjoy… please drink responsibly… and go easy on the Molly.

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