George W. Bush on ISIS: Prophetic or Pathetic?

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Right-leaning friends… PLEASE stop posting this video in the attempt to paint George W. Bush as though he were some sort of visionary.

What he says here is that he has essentially created a perpetual power vacuum in Iraq, and that it will inevitably devolve into a state of anarchy. By 2007, when he uttered this prophetic statement, anyone with a C- in history could have seen the writing on the wall. Our troops were under-equipped, lacked any sort of defined mission, and there was never any consideration given to an exit strategy.

Is what he says here in this video accurate? Absolutely. Had George W. Bush exercised this intuitive forethought and analysis before destabilizing the entire region, maybe the situation would be a little different…

Any attempt to sugarcoat the Bush Presidency offends me not only as an American, but as a registered Republican.