The Blonde-Haired, Blued-Eyed, Screeching Face of Gentrification

Try the decaf

This one is a little complicated…

Over in Jersey City, the Mayor’s anti-litter campaign coordinator decided to take her work home with her the other night, delivering a screeching tirade to a group of individuals who were making noise and leaving litter on her block.

I appreciate her passion…

Um… she needs to work on her delivery.

I’ll do my best to spare the sanctimony here, because I’m eternally grateful that the majority of my expletive-laden street rants took place before the advent of social media. In my heyday, I was one of the best around—I had the volume, coarse language and incoherent rage so eloquently displayed in the video below (which is being flogged by local media). But in hindsight, they never really turned out to have the toughlove/life-changing impact I had intended—I was just another loud asshole on the street.

Oh, and I was never in the paid employ of a municipal government.

There’s been a fair amount of discussion about this woman’s future in Jersey City politics. Some people want her head on a platter, while others are saluting her grit and determination. In the echo chamber of local politics, this story will probably bounce around for a while and then go away.

Is she right that people shouldn’t wallow in garbage? Sure.

Should she run into a crowd of people at 3 a.m. and aggressively engage them? Probably not.

Should she be fired? No.

Should she take a few days off and go hiking in the Catskills to clear her head? Probably.

Should she be applauded? Absolutely not.

I’ll give her the pass on being a city employee, because at the end of the day she’s still human. I mean, this is her job—her cause, her vocation, her thing. This is like Smoky the Bear coming home from a hard day’s work making public service announcements, only to find his forest on fire.

But a crazed, condescending tirade will make no positive impact on a situation like that. In this case, it has most certainly backfired.

Meanwhile, urban living can be exasperating. At some point, we all want to want to run down the street screaming at every miscreant we see. I’m not above it—in fact, if I manage to go the rest of my days without starring as the unhinged lunatic in some grainy viral footage, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately when we do that, we look like this…

There is no protagonist in this video, just a lot of “f**king garbage.”

Video via Facebook, c/o “Shiesty Dhafukkin Boss”