On Scotland…



We’ve reached a point in human history where the masses are recognizing the inadequacies of existing government and seeking an alternative.

This is not an easy process—and the challenges are many—but there is an upwelling of sentiment in Scotland that says, “maybe we can do a better job of this ourselves.”

The concept of self-determination is not anachronistic. What seems to be different in this latest attempt to break from the United Kingdom is the absence of extremist nationalism. Of course there is passion and pride, but there doesn’t seem to be a militant sect beating the drum of devolution—an aspect that has historically hampered other efforts in the region.

This is a referendum, in the purest sense. This is Scotland as a collective whole deciding what is best for the future of Scotland, rather than a coin-fed oligarchy parceling out favors to one another.

It’s an exciting time for democracy. Imagine what we could do in our own country if an estimated 97% of the registered electorate actually showed up to use the system as it is meant to be used…