ROCK ON? Live Music Returns to Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken



“WE HEARD YOU!” reads the email from Matt Kulik, director of Marketing & Customer Engagement for Maxwell’s Tavern (1039 Washington St., Hoboken).

On the heels of the previous establishment’s tumultuous last waltz, the “new” Maxwell’s Tavern opened with a relative whimper a few months back—but not before ripping out the old soundstage.

Well now they’ve thankfully had a change of heart, and what is old is new again.

Kicking off the venue’s latest foray into live music will be NJ-native Elise Testone, who brings her “Soul, Rock, Funk & Attitude” to Maxwell’s on Friday, October 24 at 10:00 p.m.—which should be late enough to ensure the space is clear of strollers.

Maxwell’s has announced other acts to follow, namely blues artists Michael Powers on Saturday, November 1 and Murali Coryell on Saturday, November 8.

While Maxwell’s isn’t the only venue for live music in Hoboken, (Northern Soul, Finnegan’s to name a few), it’s certainly the most renowned.

Admittedly I haven’t been back to Maxwell’s since it reopened, but the return of live music makes me more inclined. If only they could bring back that chicken pot pie

Any doubts that live music can and should thrive in Hudson County? Here’s The Grateful Dead playing in Jersey City’s Roosevelt Stadium.

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