“WHAT ME WORRY?” – Shep Smith’s Rant on Sensational Ebola Coverage “Goes Viral”

Shep Smith isn't worried, nor should you be. Feel better?

Shep Smith isn’t worried, nor should you be. Feel better?

It seems everyone is busy patting good ol’ Shep on the back for keepin’ it real on the current threat of Ebola.

Well said. Sadly, this speech was probably a factsheet memo to the FOX News writers’ room that mistakenly made its way onto the teleprompter.

The cutesy media practice of having some network mouthpiece denounce the ongoing cacophony of noise amidst its own irresponsible coverage is trite and terribly insulting. The tactic usually follows an extended span of “BREAKING NEWS” and wild speculation, before the barometer indicates that viewers aren’t buying it and they do an about face, saying something jaw-droppingly inane like, “here’s what we actually know.”

This ham-fisted pivot to the camera for affected sincerity rings hollow—more so when that camera is in a FOX News studio.

For example—following Smith’s denouncement of skewed fear-mongering, Bill O’Reilly took to the air on that same network to push the view that poor leadership will result in a wandering Latino Ebola zombie swarm that is destined to crash through our southern border.

This is a network that inexplicably features a roundtable discussion with Clueless star Stacey Dash calling for Ebola centers in every American city, while host Harris Faulkner admits, “I know it sounds like I’m beating a drum,” as she pointedly blames Obama’s golfing for the spread of the disease.

With the backdrop of FOX News’ collective body of work, Smith’s comments seem about as sincere as Otter’s speech to the Faber College Student Court on, “whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with female party guests (we did).”

The fact that a FOX News anchor’s appeal for calm is, in itself, newsworthy should be a clear indication that this unfunny Delta House of journalistic double-secret reprobates should never be taken seriously at all.

Nice try, Shep—tell those a$$holes to shut up back there…