The Night They Drove Hoboken Down: Local Artists to Recreate The Band’s “Last Waltz”

The Night They Drove Hoboken Down: Local Artists to Recreate The Band’s “Last Waltz”

“Take a load off…”


Call them the world’s most ambitious cover band—on Thursday, November 20, over two-dozen artists representing the cream of the crop from the contemporary Hoboken/Jersey City music scene will gather at Northern Soul (557 First Street, Hoboken) to recreate the celebrated concert by The Band known as The Last Waltz.

Originally performed on Thanksgiving Day in 1976, The Band’s legendary show at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco included a jaw-dropping menu of special guests on stage to see them off as they ended their run. Thursday’s show in Hoboken represents more of a coming together than a farewell.

“It’s the perfect vessel—great music, great musicians, great songs, a horn section—for getting a bunch of talented musicians together to play together,” says organizer Jaime DeJesus, who has been developing the concept of this show for years.

“In getting to know this Hoboken/Jersey City music community, I’ve found that this group supports each other and that the competition is a healthy one,” says DeJesus. “We challenge each other rather than trying to outdo or defeat each other. It’s something that is unique; I haven’t found that in other cities where I’ve lived.”

Coordinating so much talent onto one stage would seem daunting to most. Heck, even Martin Scorsese had a tough time filming the original. But DeJesus knows his subject matter.

“It was a no-brainer to choose the artists and their roles. It was just obvious—of course Dave Calamoneri is Neil Young; of course Liam Brown is Van Morrison,” said DeJesus. “Of course, Casey Solomon‘s gorgeous voice, intellectual prowess and deep soul give no other option than to do Joni Mitchell. Everyone has fit into their roles perfectly and undoubtedly will bring their own personalities out while remaining true to the composition.”

Such a dynamic on-stage line up requires serious behind-the-scenes logistics. “I am lucky enough to have high-quality musicians involved in helping me engineer this event,” says DeJesus. “Notably, Dave Entwistle is running the sound and Gerry Rosenthal—a great bandleader in his own right—has been there to assist in all needs with equipment, arrangements, cast, and musical ideas. Casey Solomon has been there to help with production—set design, promotion, and stage management.”

The show begins at 8:00, but the best bet is to get there early. With a roster like this, the only question that remains to be answered is if the room can hold that much talent.

The Last Waltz

@ Northern Soul
557 First Street (b/t Madison & Monroe)
Thursday, November 20 — 8:00 p.m.

Performing as The Band:

Jaime DeJesus (Leo Main) as Rick Danko
Jeff Fernandes as Levon Helm
Gerry Rosenthal as Robbie Robertson
Billy Tortoriello as Garth Hudson/Richard Manuel
Jeremy Hunt – Baritone Sax
Matt “Schooby” Shoenbaum – Tenor Sax
Jim Bell – Trumpet


David Entwistle as Ronnie Hawkins
Sylvana Joyce as Dr. John
Dave Calamoneri as Neil Young
Sylvana Joyce & The Moment as the Staple Singers
Lloyd Gold as Neil Diamond
Casey Solomon as Joni Mitchell
Chuck Tumulty / Ryan Freid as Paul Butterfield
Bill Hamilton as Muddy Waters
Christina Alessi as Eric Clapton
Jaime Della Fave as Emmylou Harris
Liam Butterscotch Brown as Van Morrison
Rob Nicholas Evanick as Bob Dylan

with Special Guests:
Peter Joseph Bellomo
Christopher King
Jack Breslin
David Ribyat – Accordian
and Sean-David Cunningham – Epic Violinist

“Tryin’ to do my best, yes I’m tryin’ to do my best…”